Iris König

Geologin und Fotografin

Architekturfotografie / Industriefotografie / Wissenschaftsreportage




My Skills

Visual Storytelling

My passion as a photographer and an artist is to always find perfect compositions and perspectives.
I strive to create unique and individual state of the art visual content that shows exactly the story that is meant to be seen.

Scientific Background

As a Geologist and Geographer I have the scientific understanding that's often needed on location.
I'm always curious about getting to know new technologies and innovations.

Hands On Mentality

A shooting's success is based on the photographers ability to stay flexible and creative on location - no matter the conditons.
My goal is to always get the job 100 % done and to make each one of my customers happy.

Let's Work

Based in Berlin. Working around the world.

Iris König
Berlin, Germany